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LUOTU-days is a networking event for National Network for Creative Industries from different localities, the purpose of which is to also increase the business and partnership relationships of field companies to other business lines. Tens of LUOTU-days have been organised over several years throughout Finland. The numbers of participants of the events have varied between 30-200, depending on the location. The service package, in its entirety, included, for each event, the preparation of informative webpages and registrations (company profiles), appointment arrangements, as well as the on-site guidance at the events. According to collected participant feedback, pre-prepared meetings led to the foundation of a significantly large number of partnerships. One advantage of a networking event is that the client has seen the optimisation of their time, as well as implemented pricing. Learn more about Konffa's matchmaking events.

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Other matchmaking event references:


  • ELY Centre, Viesti! -hanke, the Rural Development Programme: Matchmaking-event, Oulu
  • Kerttu Saalasti Institute, MicroENTRE: Matchmaking-event, Oulu


  • Oulu University of Applied Sciences: EdTech Matchmaking event, Oulu
  • Oulunkaari (a.o.): Matchmaking-event, Oulu


  • BusinessOulu: Trading Centre Matchmaking event, Oulu


  • Posintra: Osaavat Metallikourat-matchmaking event, Porvoo
  • BusinessOulu (a.o.): Trading Center matchmaking event, Oulu


  • BusinessOulu (a.o.): Finnish-german business- and research forum, matchmaking event, Oulu
  • BusinessOulu (a.o.): Trading Center matchmaking event, Oulu


  • The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation: The Tourism and Leisure Services programme: Matchmaking event, Helsinki
  • National Networks of Creative Industries: LUOTU-days 2012, several matchmaking events in Finland


  • The Regional Cohesion and Competitiveness Programme (AKO): LUOTU Matchmaking and networking events 2009- 2013, a number of Matchmaking events in various locations
  • Oulu Regional Business Agency: a number of Matchmaking events 2009-2012, Oulu
  • BusinessOulu DRAIVI Primus-programme: The Matchmaking Event Business and ICT Students Meet Companies, Oulu


  • VERCCO-project: VERCCO Matchmaking event, 2010, Oulu
  • DRAIVI-project: Martti Ahtisaari Institute invites Northern Finland Business, International Matchmaking event, 2010, Oulu
  • Jyväskylä Regional Development Company: Marketing communications day in Jyväskylä
  • Cleantech Oulu, Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Energiatoimisto- ja Uusiutuvan energian yrityskeskus-hankkeet: Uusiutuva energia-networking event, Oulu


  • Oulu Regional Business Agency: a number of Matchmaking events 2009-2012, Oulu