Event marketing references

SystemaStore EXPO 2012

SystemaStore Expo 2012 brought gathered together the field’s hottest products, services and clients. Konffa Ltd produced the Expo, seminar and exhibition arrangements for SystemaStore Ltd. The motive of the event was a significant company fusion that took place in 2012, which expanded the organiser’s service palette. The core to the planning of the event was the communication of the fusion and the marketing of the event to stakeholders, in an efficient and interesting manner. As a factor in the attractiveness of the event, WINDOWS 8 was presented diversely at the event with the aid of significant device and software suppliers. The seminar presented the latest trends and the speakers were the field’s hottest specialists.  The strategic aim of the event was achieved. The work also included the production of marketing materials and communication consultations.

Marketing channels and tools

The efficient realisation of the event marketing required, in addition to the planning of the communication and marketing, visual elements and diverse materials. The following works were performed for the clients, among others:

Images of logos, invitations, webpages, programme magazines, network pages, advertisements, etc...