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19th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, Turku

A global conference, commissioned by WHO and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. The event was attended by about 750 participants from all continents. The work, in its entirety, handled all the operative arrangements of the conference (registration, payments, financial management, evening events and excursions, media contacts, technology and logistics, speaker arrangements and services during the event). In addition, Konffa produced a website for the event, the planning and implementation of international marketing, along with relevant material, as well as participating in a pre-conference in Manchester. Learn more about our congress services.

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Other conference references:


  • ICOS ERIC: 3rd ICOS Science Conference on greenhouse gases and biogeochemical cycles, Prague
  • University of Oulu: Empirical Software Engineering International Week ESEIW 2018, Oulu
  • Oulu University of Applied Sciences: International Teacher and Staff Exchange Week 2018


  • LapCI ry: EURO-CIU symposium, Helsinki
  • University of Oulu: EuCNC European Conference on Networks and Communications, Oulu
  • Finnish Literature society: The 7th biennial Congress of the European Network for Comparative Literary Studies ENCLS/ REELC 2017, Helsinki


  • University of Helsinki: NERA 44th Congress, Helsinki
  • University of Helsinki: International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems, IWSDS 2016, Saariselkä
  • ICOS ERIC: 2nd ICOS Science Conference on greenhouse gases and biogeochemical cycles, Helsinki 
  • eCAADe: the 34th annual eCAADe conference 2016, Oulu


  • Rokua Geopark, Humanpolis Oy: 13th European Geoparks Conference, Oulu and Rokua
  • Thule Institute, University of Oulu: 16th International Congress on Circumpolar Health (ICCH16), Oulu and Rokua
  • European Comission: Open Innovation 2.0 conference and Innovation Luminary Awards Ceremony 2015, Espoo
  • University of Oulu, Faculty of Humanities: XII International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies, Oulu
  • NeIC and CSC IT Centre for Science: Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference 2015, Espoo
  • University of Helsinki, the Research Unit for Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG): From Data to Evidence: Big Data, Rich Data, Uncharted Data, Helsinki
  • University of Helsinki: Changing English - ChangE 2015, Helsinki
  • Archaeological Society of Finland: The X Nordic Meeting on Stratigraphy & The XI Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology SMIA XI, Helsinki
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Social Welfare act - Roadshow, several cities
  • Ministry of the Environment in Finland: Nordiskt Vattenskadeseminarium 2015, Porvoo


  • CSC IT Centre for Science, The European Grid Infrastructure, University of Helsinki: Egi Community Forum 2014, Helsinki
  • Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District: Executive Secretaries of University Hospitals in Finland, Oulu
  • Ministry of the Environment in Finland: The Green Belt of Fennoscandia Dialogue Forum, Kuusamo
  • Martti Ahtisaari Institurte, University of Oulu: GRLI General Assembly, Oulu
  • University of Oulu, Faculty of Education: Annual FERA Conference on Education, Oulu


  • Eläkeläiset Ry: summer days 2013 , Oulu
  • BusinessOulu (a.o.):Finnish-german Business- and Research forum 2013, Oulu
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Road Show, 12 cities
  • University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Education: FERA Conference on Education 2013, Jyväskylä
  • SystemaStore Oy: Systema Expo, Oulu


  • University of Oulu, Oulu Mining School: International Conference on Sustainable Mineral Processing, SUSMP'12, Oulu
  • Northern Ostrobothnian Entrepreneurs, Federation of Finnish Enterprises: National Entrepreneurship days  2012, registration & accommodation service, Oulu
  • SystemaStore Oy: Systema Expo, Oulu
  • Thule-institute, University of Oulu: Nordic Water, XXVII Nordic Hydrological Conference, NHC 2012, Oulu
  • Nordiska administrativa förbundet: NAF general assembly, Turku
  • Health and Welfare Department (THL): WELCOME-SOS 2012 Training Event, Tampere


  • The Hospital District of Southwest Finland: 19th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, HPH 2011, Turku
  • Health and Welfare Department (THL): WELCOME-SOS 2011 Training Event, Espoo
  • Finnish Library Association: Library Days 2011, Oulu
  • University of Oulu: 6th International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing, 2011, Oulu


  • The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital Distric: eHealth Solutions across the Northern Periphery, 2010, Oulu
  • Pohjolan Hevosystävät ry: Championship of the finnish horses, 2010, registration & accommodation service
  • Health and Welfare Department (THL): WELCOME-SOS 2010 Training Event, Lahti
  • Oulu Wellness Institute: StartUp conference 2009 & 2010, Oulu


  • SKAL: Finland’s’ Transportation & Logistics- union assembly 2009, Oulu
  • The University of Oulu, Oulu Polytechnic, Finland: The University of Applied Sciences’ international affairs administration spring days, 2009, Oulu
  • The City of Oulu: eKat coordination project, final seminar in Helsinki
  • The City of Oulu: The final seminar of the Ote2 and Kasio projects
  • Association of Lions: the national annual general meetings 2008 & 2009, registration service
  • Oulu Wellness Institute Foundation: Capital Investor Event & Growth Seminar
  • The Finnish Association of Lions: International Europa Forum, 2009, Tampere


  • OSKE, Bioforum Oulu: Bio Meets Nano and IT 2008, an international scientific conference


  • The University of Oulu: Department of Architecture, the international symposium "Beyond Dichotomies", 2007, Oulu