LUOTU- days in the fall 2010


LUOTU- day is a contact event, in other words a MatchMaking event, aimed to the culture and tourism sector as well as to the companies in welfare management.

KOKO- the network of creative industries organizes in cooperation with local operators several LUOTU- days in several different locations in Finland during the year 2010. All LUOTU- days will be implemented by Konffa Oy Ltd.


In fall 2010 LUOTU- days will take place in following cities:


Porvoo 8. Sept. 2010


Pori 15. Sept. 2010


Jyväskylä 12. Oct. 2010


Helsinki 18. Oct. 2010


Mikkeli 16. Nov. 2010


Vaasa 23. Nov. 2010


Tampere 25. Nov. 2010