Matchmaking events

A NETWORKING EVENT is an extremely effective manner to meet potential partners in a short time period. ffMatch clients are organisations, whose task is to promote business between companies, among others, business services, various initiatives and projects, trade fair organisers, as well as various government agencies.

ffMatch is a networking event, in which Konffa acts as the operative organiser of the event, the client is responsible for the contents and target group contacts. ffMatch saves on the resources of the client significantly, since Konffa carries out the organising of the networking event on a “turnkey” principle. In practice, the time used by the organiser is only around a few hours, depending on the extent of the contents of the event.

The fully prepared service package includes event specific webpages, online registration and company profiles, as well as company meeting calendars. In addition, Konffa’s professional leaders will provide guidance at the location. The production of the event material also belongs to the service.

A significant added value of the product concept that is developed by Konffa is that companies are able to prepare themselves before attending meetings and, thus, can immediately engage in business partnerships, maximising the efficiency of the meetings and achieving their set objectives. There is no need for excess small talk during meetings, the basic information of the companies is already known by the meeting participants beforehand.

ffMatch is an excellent application as an additional element in connection to trade fairs, seminars, conferences, sales promotions, international events or specialist meetings.

Basic services

  • consultation and planning
  • project management
  • budget monitoring
  • informative websites and online registration
  • materials (invitations, participant lists, name cards, table maps)
  • Registration desk and info
  • subcontractor connections (i.e. premises, catering etc.)
  • participant reporting

 Additional services
The following additional services can be linked to the basic services, with which all types of networking events can be managed successfully:

  • periphery events, seminars
  • communication, marketing events and other materials
  • event marketing
  • the management of payments
  • accommodation reservations
  • collection of feedback