Event marketing

An event is an extremely powerful marketing tool, therefore, it is worthwhile investing in event marketing. It is sensible for companies to accept event marketing as part of their corporate marketing strategy and select a good and capable company as their long term event marketing partner.

An event should be attractive to the desired guests and speakers. Sure, the reputation and image of the organiser also plays its part- an event that is well organised and supports the company image will enhance the client’s reputation further. A starting point is that the event will provide the clients with a high quality image, as well as support this image and their as business objectives. Learn more about event management.

 Diverse services of marketing

Good marketing of an event will ensure the success of the occasion. For large company events and extensive conferences, Konffa can, when required, create a marketing plan and implement it efficiently in an agreed upon manner. The scale of the event marketing is determined by the target group, objectives and budget.  

Empirical knowledge and the services of our own advertising office, linked with robust marketing and communication, provide Konffa with the tools for the creation of significant additional value, as well as cost efficiency.   Konffa’s strengths are in its versatility and diverse creative implementation methods, on the parts of both ideas and material choices. Konffa produces individual material for the client and the event itself and, therefore, the objectives can be focused upon in earnest.

For successful marketing, our services cover, among others:

  • marketing plans
  • marketing procedure plans
  • marketing budget
  • graphic designs, the event’s visual appearance and  marks
  • www- pages and their updating
  • invitation process
  • newsletters and other electronic information
  • advertising and printed marketing tools
  • AV- productions