An event that looks like
the company itself

Do you have any intention to organise a corporate event, company celebration, customer event, employee event, launch or sales event? Is there a team day coming up and a programme is lacking? Would you like to provide a wonderful experience, have your guests already seen and experienced everything? Konffa serves clients who would like a corporate event that supports the image of their company, is successful and fulfils all possible set objectives- at great value for their money.

Konffa customizes the events, according to the client’s needs and wishes, flexibly and with vast experience.  During the event, hosts and hostesses will take care of the visitors – Konffa will ensure that everything flows as it should.

Controlled resources, expenses managed

Save time and money by getting a professional to take care of the event production and by selecting Konffa as a permanent event partner. Regarding success, outsourcing is the surest solution, whilst, at the same time, freeing up the working time of the organisation’s own personnel for their own core responsibilities. The distribution of work is agreed upon and the event is planned together with the client.

The service package, in its entirety, includes, among others

  • the creation of ideas and planning
  • subcontractor agreements and the coordination of operations
  • a script for the event
  • safety matters, catering, transportations, permits
  • the charting of performers
  • building and dismantling of the event

When organising an event, it must be a success!

Konffa’s flexible and creative event production, rock solid project leadership skills and strategic excellence provide the customer with significant additional value. There is no longer any leeway for mediocrity at corporate events, it is important to create the correct atmosphere and content for the desired guests.

Good branding increases the success and attractiveness of the event. The starting point is that the event provides the organising organisation with a high quality image and supports this image, as well as the business objectives.

An event is a powerful communications tool, the correct kind of meetings supersedes other matters of influence. Therefore, it is worthwhile investing in both internal and external communication in event marketing.